Designed to Meet the Needs of Traveling
Members of the Diplomatic Community. The benefits of our Volvo
Diplomat Sales Program include:
• Official diplomatic price list with significant savings off
the MSRP on US and European Specification Volvo
• Worldwide 4 year/50,000 mile warranty (US models)
• On call roadside assistance program.
• Selection of vehicle specifications to meet the
requirement of many countries around the world.
• Over a dozen European delivery centers and shipping to
approximately 75 different ports.
• Free return shipment of US-model Volvos from Europe
up to 60 months after original delivery date for diplomats
returning to the US (for returning US diplomats)Factory-direct shipment of a US-model Volvo to the
United States for eligible non-US diplomats posted in
the United States.
• Special Official Embassy cars offer with an additional
support for official cars.
• Professional sales consultants to assist you with your
purchase and delivery.
Additionally, we offer the Volvo Overseas Delivery
program that was created to assist the needs of travelers
to Europe, along with military and diplomatic personnel
who wish to have their new Volvo automobiles delivered
throughout the world where Volvo is present. Prices for

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